Basics for Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are produced with only one thought in mind: to catch the attention of the visitors and convert them to subscribers.
Some work and a bit of creativity and maybe even some “boldness” are needed to produce a great squeeze page.
You don’t have to panic as I’m here to show you all that.
A few of these components are:

1. A short but bold and attention-getting headline and a sub-headline if needed.

2. Three to four bullet points which will describe the offer.

One thing to put in mind is that you have to treat your squeeze page as a component of your sales copy. You do not need to be an experienced copywriter to write good content on a squeeze page, just make some effort like you are selling something.
You can also look at newspapers and magazines and get inspiration from their headlines and use that on your pages.

3. A bit of media. Video and/or audio will increase the charm of your squeeze page. And if you’re an authority, your media will mesmerize the visitor so that they have no additional choice but to subscribe to your list. But once again, don’t over do it. Utilize it sparingly. Likewise videos and audios don’t work for everybody. If it works for me, it does not mean that it will work for you as well. Test out each squeeze page. Test and see how using media affects your conversion rate.

I would recommend you utilize Email Solo ads as they work best with squeeze pages. I use and always advocate

To get higher conversion rates, increase the amount of fields. Asking for name, email and phone number will give you lower opt in rate than just asking for name and email.
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