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You can see Internet marketing as a rock band with 5-6 members. There are several parts synchronizing with each other.

And just like playing an instrument Internet marketing takes practice and perseverance. You may not be able to simply look up an article on SEO and conclude that you have learned everything you can about the subject. What you’ve learned may be more like learning to play one note on one instrument.

And just when you finish learning a single instrument you have to learn all the others. This is how Internet marketing works. Each instrument requires new skills. Instruments like traffic generating, copywriting, email marketing, social media, blogs, web branding, podcasting, auto-responders and so on. All possess a certain learning curve.

Once you have learned everything you can about each part that your marketing plan include, you need to begin to direct your strategy and make all parts to work together in harmony.

This ebook will teach you how to become a smarter marketer by adapting the right mindset to lead a marketing plan.

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Smart marketing