Getting started with email marketing

Everything you sign up to today requires an email address. This means that people are used to give their contact information in exchange to get access to products and services online.

email sign up
By adding a web form on your website or blog, or perhaps create a landing page for an e-book or a video that is related to your products or services which you give away for free when people submit their email address will allow you to grow a mailing list of contacts who are interested in what you
have to offer. Those contacts are mostly called ‘leads’ in the marketing terms.

Email marketing over time can save you a lot of money in marketing expenses. Once you have a lead in your mailing list, you can email them and send them back to your product page. Your advertising effort should then mainly be focused on getting new people to sign up to your mailing list.
Note: You need to follow some rules and regulations for anti-spamming and honoring your contact’s personal privacy. Google anti-spam regulations in your country.

There many benefits in collecting email addresses:

  • They are giving you the permission to send them what they asked for.
  • You have the opportunity to create a life-long relationship with them.
  • You are saving a lot in marketing expense.
  • You can track the responses of your list so you can work on improving your results.

Tools you need to get started are:

  • or These are products that you can easily create beautiful landing pages with.
  • or These are services where you can create web form to put on your website and host your mailing list on to create and send email campaigns from.
  •, a service where you can download free products to give away in exchange for peoples email addresses, if you don’t have or want to create a product of your own.

These are only recommendations to help you get started, there are many other options out there if you search Google.

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