Revive organic reach on Facebook – Get more likes and comments

If you have been following the updates lately, then you know that organic reach is slowly but surely disappearing on Facebook.
If you have posted anything in the last few days, you have probably noticed that your friends, your fans or your followers barely saw anything of those posts.

So what do you do about it?

Well, here are seven cool strategies for getting more Facebook likes and comments I found that I think you should check out.

Watch this video below to learn more about them, or read on…

Tip nr. 1 Quality over quantity.

Back in the days, the more content you posted the more engagement you got.
Now, Facebook has this “domino-effect” in which if you post content and your fans barely engage, the next time you post content, they’ll show to a lot fewer people.

Consider posting live videos on Facebook. Those videos tend to reach more than links. Do that while you can.
Also, make sure you get comments. Comments are high quality engagement. The more comments, the higher the probability your post will go viral.

Tip nr. 2 Your Facebook insights.

If you haven’t checked, Facebook provides you analytics. It shows you a lot of details, like the type of people that liked your content, the time of the day you should be posting, the demographics, etc.

Tip nr. 3 Other brands and influensers within your niche.

Listen to these influensers, look at their pages, see what people are liking there, see what their audience engages with or don’t engage with.

That should give you some ideas. You also want to chime in on their page because that also helps to get people back to your page, which should get you more likes and shares as well.

Facebook loves networking. So when popular people engage, like or comment something on your page it creates a network effect where more people might see that post versus someone who has very few followers or fans.

Sometimes it’s hard to get those influensers to engage with your content. So a trick here is to consider inviting them for an interview and post that interview on your page as live video. that way they are much more likely to share it on their page.

Tip nr. 4 Optimizing for timing.

Timing is important. Keep track of when you post and see how the effect is. Check Facebook insights to get more details. See other people in your niche, what time time post and how the engagement there is. Once you get enough information of what the best time for your niche and market is to post. Start posting only on those times.

Tip no. 5 Chatting with your audience.

The second most downloaded app in the world is Facebook messenger. Get i touch with your audience and invite them back to your page. Use tools like MobileMonkey.

Tip no. 6 Be consistent

Consistency and value. Don’t just post what you like, post what your audience likes. Keep testing to and measure engagement and reactions to see what works best.

Tip no. 7 Encouraging engagement.

The usual way is to just ask for a comment. But to get better results, ask a question. When someone replies to that question, go and reply back. It will encourage people to come back again and then leave another comment. The more comments you get, the more likely more people are going to see it, the more likes and shares that you’re going to receive.