Manage Your Pipeline With Ease...

Meet the worlds simplest kanban board for SuperOffice

Dear SuperOffice user...

Are you tired of jumping back and forth between different windows in your SuperOffice CRM when changing and updating your customers details and sales opportunities in your pipeline?

What if you could visualize your workflow in the sales process with a quick and intuitive overview to be able to plan and follow up your pipeline in a structured manner?

Salesboard is a tool for visualizing your workflow in the sales process that gives you a snapshot of your deals by stage in your sales funnel.

With Salesboard for SuperOffice your work becomes easier.
You will be able to...

  • See which opportunities to focus on.
  • Ensure your pipeline stays true and accurate.
  • Improve your follow-up rate.
  • Win more business.
  • And much more...

‚ÄčAlways be up-to date with your sales

Updating sales is even easier using SalesBoard.

Simply drag and drop sales between different stages and your pipeline stays true and up to date.

You can also quickly create new sales directly from the SalesBoard tool as well as updated existing sales or set sales as Sold or Lost All sales are automatically updated in SuperOffice CRM and vice versa.

No double entry and all competitions and other sales reports your company uses will always be up to date and ready. Save time.

Work smart and give your sales team that extra control today!

Here is what you get with Saleboard for SuperOffice

You get a simple tool for visulizing and working with the sales process.

Everything is cloudbased, no hassle to install the app.

  • A total overview of your opportunities on a graphical planning board (kanban style)

  • Have all your opportunities grouped by different saletypes (proceses) and stages.

  • Full overview of the amount for your sales funnel, in total and for the different stages.

  • A smooth drag-and-drop board to move your opportunities through your sales workflow.

  • One-click edit and update on each opportunity.

  • One-click add new sales.

  • Open sales directly in SuperOffice.


Salesboard is a cloud based app, that supports both SuperOffice on-site installation and cloud/online. It is invoiced annually in advance with 4 Euro for par user per month with 14 days free trial.

You will be able to set up the number of users you want in the salesboard license system.

Salesboard was designed and programmed by i-Centrum, the number 1 CRM system integrator! Our focus is to deliver simple & smart solutions for the users! 

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